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Flight cases for equipment storage and transport

As I don't have an observatory (yet), I'm forced to setup my equipment every imaging session. This also means all my gear has to be stored indoors when weather is cloudy (which is a lot by the way). The ensure my gear was not at risk of being damaged by my kids running around the house, as well as the cat and dog, I decided to make some flight cases to stored all my gear in a nice and tidy manner. The other main reason for constructing these is to ensure I can take the gear on holliday dirung the summer, when we usually travel to the South of Europe, which gives me a chance to image some of the objects that are simply to low back home. I bought some flight case parts from Flightcase-onderdelen, a Dutch webshop, and got the rest of the stuff I needed from a local hardware store. Building these cases proved to be a fun job, although at first I constructed a box which was to large (100 x 50 x 50 cm) to handle, so the next year I redesigned this box into 2 seperate boxes as is shown below. The NEQ6 case measures 50 x 50 x 20 cm and weighs 36 kg filled, whereas the optocs case measures 100 x 50 x 30 cm and weighs 42 kg filled. Foam inserts were sound insulation foam from the local hardware store, or left over packaging material from goods received at work. 

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